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The battle for global control has been raging and is already reaching nuclear proportion. You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

Rigged Bush Clinton Cabal and their reign of terror! Lol American Tv gavel to gavel joey buttafucc you! Overweight sugar cosummmmation world record brain damaged! May bush clinton cnn msnbc cabal burn in Hell! Sociopaths and psychopaths run this show! Christic Light??? Things written Some things never occur? Somethings do Psychic hotline? He asked for people to delay publishing, as far as I can remember, some time ago.

ben fulford website

For instance all the reports here, I have already read …he generally tries to update once a week. Poor or stingy people like me get the partial report at the time and the full report for free 3 days later.

You are right. In his site, he publishes in English and in Japanese. In this Spanish Site… he has Thousands of Readeres all over the world. Just in casa someone wants to see this site, you can see at the right, all the countries that read in Spanish. Je suis heureux que dans ce monde il existe un groupement de personne qui enfin nous libererons de c est personnes qui veuillent toutes avoir pour eux. This is just more of the same ole stuff by Ben Fulford, an amiable and interesting man.

Ben is a master of false hope, so it is best to ignore him and simply wish him well. If you write anything critical of Mr.

Fulford as I have politely done, he censors your remarks. He really is an interesting and amiable man. For this reason, we should not wait for anything coming from him or any other white knights. We should take matters into our own hands, and be responsible for ourselves. We need to deserve the change we want to achieve and must do everything to achieve the change we truly deserve.

Your a liar I have seen a lot of negative remarks and he answers every one of them unless they are using foul language!! I had to refund my paypal and reorder but it worked…that is all that matters. Ben, thank you for not deleting my brief remarks.


I appreciate your allowing those critical of you although who still like you to share their ideas. Taylor M. Many good names in alternative community are blamed for any kind of bizzare guilts and there was no proper response to that BS so far.

Anyone who is willing to click a few minutes through Google-Images-Search can come to same results. I think publication of original photos will secure alternative community from further accusations — we must not divide any further, we must not be distraced anymore and we must fight together for the better of this planet! So please, announce this photo-investigation massively on your forums and blogs and help bringing alternative community closer together.

If we move together, we are strong, otherwise we are controlable and weak. However, enough people have e-mailed me that I have decided to respond. Cotrell if you wish to deny this.

Mr, Cotrell is being hunted by the Russian FSB because he was, along with Leo Wanta, one of the people who looted the resources of Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union.This gallery contains 1 photo.

In Light of the latest Kp Radio Hawaii, this fit right in. Full weekly report from Ben. Very fascinating report this week. Mentioned this in the previous re: Cobra post.


This gallery contains 2 photos. The meditations presented here by Cobra and his group I feel can be very helpful in dissolving the deep state plans.

I did speak with the King of Hawaii Edmund K. Silva, Jr. I believe this is a very BIG moment. This is the [D], as I understand it. The one thing that many have been waiting for. New weekly report from Ben. One was about the video he posted which looks like he is in a moving location.

Interesting new GaiaPortal. Multicoloreds show the way. Awakenings of the Gaia Keepers expand. This was actually recorded onI believe, but it is a very pleasant video to view, in my mind. I watched it simply for enjoyment. Aloha, Kp.The autumn offensive begins. The rogue nation of Israel was put under lockdown at the start of the Jewish New Year to facilitate a purge of Zionists, Pentagon sources say.

MI6 sources say their next target is a mysterious Swiss-based entity known as the Octagon Group…. Make no mistake about it, Satan-worshipping Khazarian gangsters are trying to kill you and your family. That is why a campaign to systematically hunt down and kill all the Covid, fear-mongering, fascist Western leaders has begun, multiple sources say…. Sometimes fact-based reporting leads into very strange territory. In my case, a forensic investigation into who controlled the financial system turned into a very deep rabbit hole indeed….

Note to readers: The next three issues of this newsletter will be pre-written so that I may take my annual sabbatical. If something truly important happens I will inform you with an update…. The battle to liberate Planet Earth has reached a key juncture: the choice between freedom or techno-slavery. This week we would like to inform readers that our newsletter is under unprecedented attack and that your support is needed now more than ever…. Full weekly report from Ben.

As always, suggest to follow Higher Discernment with all information such as this…. The United States of America Corporation, now four months into its bankruptcy, is becoming increasingly dysfunctional and torn by infighting.

This has left a power vacuum around the world and is raising the specter of multiple regional wars breaking out…. The chaos is expected to escalate further during the summer months until there is a real revolution and not this elite-engineered cultural revolution.

The only U. Meanwhile, high-level negotiations between Eastern and Western secret societies last week ended in a deadlock after Asian leaders demanded Western subservience, something that will never happen, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

That means the world is going to go through a very dangerous and hot summer with no clear prognosis other than accelerating chaos, especially inside the United States.

There will also be an increasing danger of war using electromagnetic and nuclear weaponry. Here is what the Chinese communist government propaganda paper Global Times had to say:.

This is their revenge for the attacks being orchestrated in Hong Kong, Chinese intelligence agency sources confirm. What the Chinese propagandists are not saying, though, is that the Chinese cultural revolution was started by factions of the Chinese communist government that wanted to deflect popular anger away from their failed economic policies and towards their political enemies.

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The same can be said of the ongoing cultural revolution in the U. Elites are trying to deflect anger away from the Wall Street bankers and mega-corporations by stirring racial strife and trying to turn the people against the police. There can be no mistake, the so-called coronavirus crisis and the resulting economic collapse was engineered by the Davos crowd.

Now, they are offering solutions to this chaos they created in tandem with the Chinese. Fortunately, last week the U. Instead of massive bloodshed involving armed demonstrators million man occupation of the white house and the U.

This was because the armed saboteurs and their financial backers were all rounded up before their planned climax of mayhem, Pentagon sources say. The plan that was stopped, with or without divine intervention aimed to use massive bloodshed to replace the Republic of the United States with a draconian totalitarian government.

The black community is the easiest to manipulate. The plan nearly worked as the death of African American George Floyd triggered huge, coordinated acts of looting and vandalism all over the United States. Take a look at this video here, for example, to see the damage in New York City.The long-term plan concocted by the Satanic Zionists to kill billions is blowing up in their faces following the failure of their riots and fake pandemic.

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Attorney General William Barr. President Donald Trump tweeted. Forensic investigations show the riots in Hong Kong, as well as the riots in the U. Taiwan based gangsters have subcontracted the work from the Zionists and financed these riots via a synagogue of Satan in Vancouver, Canada, and heroin dealing gangsters in Hong Kong, according to Asian secret society sources. Whoever may have to die in the process was and is not their concern. In any case, just as arsonists sometimes accidentally set themselves on fire, this time the riots being instigated are backfiring on the cabal.

Pentagon sources note that:. Remember the Jews have been the main victims of the Satanic Zionist plot that is now blowing up. With that in mind, we note the Pentagon sources report the Israeli colony of brainwashed Europeans is in severe trouble as:. Like the grounding of the max, Trump only did it after EU so…the days of Israel being above the law are over. Remember the puppet communist governments of Eastern Europe fell shortly after people realized the USSR was not going to back them up.

For this reason, without U. It comes at a time in the history of civilization when the axis between the east and the west is at its most fractured state, and our analysis suggests a further continued deterioration would result in thermo-nuclear warfare.

It is, for this reason, why we are so committed to the efforts of the White Hats and the Golden Dragon family. We will match their offer [of unlimited funding] with our [quantum financial system] technology. MI6 is referring to high-level contact going on between the Golden Dragon Family, the European bloodlines and the Gnostic Illuminati to arrange for the release of virtually unlimited funding for the planet.

There was an incident of vandalism at the front gates of Buckingham Palace. One of the coats of arms seal was damaged and removed for restoration. End of story. The location allows them both peace and quiet and space whilst also maintaining distance while the sickness remains at large in the absence of an agreed treatment. End of Story. There is no truth nor basis in any gossip flying around.

The Queen is the Queen and that is that. I remain in daily contact with both her and Sir Alex Younger and as you know we work very hard in extremely dangerous circumstances for the benefit of many billions of people.The long-anticipated October offensive against the Satanic Cabal has gone into full swing, Pentagon sources report. The biggest battle was an attack on the underground base complex near Palm Springs, California. This was where self-described Satanist leader Leo Zagami fled to avoid arrest in Italy.

Zagami claimed he could summon demons and admitted to eating human fetuses, and has been leading a campaign against Pope Francis. The attack on the underground base was reported in the news as a swarm of close to earthquakes. However, these bore the telltale signs of being caused by explosives and not natural processes, according to U. Geological Survey sources. Israel is being forced to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and de-nuke as a condition for Middle East peace, they add.

It was also on this day that U. This offensive was telegraphed in advance on the Trump-anon mislabeled Qanon website with the following pictures. One shows a Mickey Mouse watch with hands pointing at 10 and 2 to indicate October 2 nd.

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The other is self-explanatory. However, Trump remains in imminent danger of assassination, multiple sources say. They were referring to an un-named relative of Trump PR assistant Hope Hicks, who allegedly was responsible for contaminating Trump with a Mossad poison, hence the Covid positive test result, the sources say. Jesuit sources say Pence has been flown to North Korea for personal protection. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility the sitting president would be killed as part of this.

The remainder of this article is only available to members of BenjaminFulford. I follow your videos and newsletter ever since the beginning of the scamdemic and find it outstandingly accurate. However, I am Israeli and I do not understand who are the zionists that you keep talking about. In Israel, zionist is a term used to define the jews that returned to Israel from after years in exile, following the Jewish faith Zion was the land promised to the Jews by God and temporarily taken for years.

Can you kindly define who are the zionists, who is heading them, where do they operate from, what are their goals, whats their relation to Israel so also do they pose any threats to the Israeli citizens otherwise who do they target and why?

First of all, rest assured that the people of the world will guarantee there will never be another holocaust.I question your sources and think you ought to double-check these things before putting them public on the internet. I witnessed a public and live statement on Monday evening September 28th of Prime minister Rutte on Dutch television concerning new measures to be taken to fight the outburst of Covid19 in a second wave due to more and more people getting infected in the country.

His voice was genuine so his presumed execution is a false flag. But none of this is happening, so I question the validity of this statement and I think a reporter of your caliber should doublecheck the sources for their validity if future statements by yourself are to be taken seriously.

I respect the investigative work you are doing in trying to make the world a better place to live in but I believe that sometimes you should be more critical in what you relay. This information has not been independently verified at the time this report went live. However, the sources have been reliable in the past. This was the message we received:. The military occupation of Belgium and Holland and the execution of their elite class are long overdue.

This is true not just in Belgium and Holland, but also in the U. These are people who have been torturing and murdering children on an industrial scale for millennia. Have trouble believing that? Then check out the case of Marc Dutroux in Belgium that has been proven true by multiple court cases.

The first time was in The second time occurred in He served only 3 and a half years of his first year sentence and less than 10 years later, he was convicted of kidnapping, torturing, and abusing victims, some of them to the point of death. Not only did the political elite finance his efforts — they made specific requests of him.

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Sometimes they requested specific means of torturing the children to fulfill their desires orgies, satanic rituals involving sacrifices, torture games. And sometimes they requested he film certain influential people engaged in these acts, for later use as blackmail. He claimed many of his customers and financiers were world leaders. Many of the stories from victims contained so many similarities they were impossible to deny.

For example, the hunting parties were often held at castles, where victims could not escape and were hidden from the public eye. All of this was made public at a trial in Meanwhile, in New York, a child torture and adrenochrome harvesting facility at Fifth Avenue, was busted and hundreds of tortured children were rescued, according to Pentagon sources.

The kids at this facility were kept from ages as young as 3 and repeatedly tortured and raped in order to harvest adrenochrome. They were killed once they reached puberty. The link below is a list of the children, the name of the company involved, etc. The fact that Google, Facebook, etc. Rest assured the leadership of these companies will be rounded up soon if it has not already happened. The ongoing takedown of this Satanic Cabal has led to some serious intrigue at the Vatican involving Pope Francis and U.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo among others.

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The remainder of this article is only available to members of BenjaminFulford. The autumn offensive begins. The rogue nation of Israel was put under lockdown at the start of the Jewish New Year to facilitate a purge of Zionists, Pentagon sources say.That might seem kind of obvious, but sounding and looking casual can sometimes take a lot of work. The important thing to remember is to find your voice and invite your customers to engage with you- trust us, keeping it real will go a long way.

This is where your soon to be BFF, hashtags, come into play. Instagram visitors can search for a hashtag to explore content within that subject. Ultimately, this allows new people to peruse your page without having to pay a single penny to get them there. The power of hashtags can be all yours by adding them to the description of your picture.

But before you get carried away there are some rules. Make sure they relate to your brand and do a little research, Hashtagify is a good place to start, think of them as the keywords of social media. Want to know which hashtags work best for your brand. Just try some and learn as you go. Everyone needs a little love in their day and your community is no exception. Engaging with your followers can boost your level of interaction in a HUGE way. You may want to set a reminder for 30 minutes from the time you posted to take a second look for any comments and reply to your followers.

Nurture your community and it will grow big and strong.

ben fulford website

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ben fulford website

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